The Chicago School of Violin Making is a special place for all you who have a deep interest in string instruments. Here you will take your passion through your three years of study. You will make instruments, learn how to prepare and handle tools, and you will develop your eye for the beauty of the instruments you work on. You will be guided individually and in small groups by your teachers, and always you will be encouraged to do the best work you possibly can.

When you graduate, you will be well prepared to join the select number of individuals qualified to make and repair fine-stringed instruments.

You will leave, ready to begin your career, with the desire to expand your knowledge and advance your skills further as you work professionally.

The school is also a family. Through your days of exacting work, you will have the camaraderie of your fellow students. The Chicago School of Violin Making is a place where friendships become professional bonds that can last a lifetime.